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Go Beat - Sales Force Automation

A highly cost-effective solution for managers to automate field operations and monitor field activities in a more organized way through a mobile app.

Application Features:

  • ​Journey Plans - Schedule Pre-journey plans foragents to plan their visit conveniently
  • Attendance - Track Agents daily attendance
  • Task Management - Assign the Tasks to Field Force, Review Pending Tasks, Track & Evaluate the Tasks
  • Dealer Management - Add and Manager New Leads in the System
  • Expense Management - Easily allow agents to submit their Travel Expense
  • Product Management - View Product Catalogue against material for admin and End Users
  • Dashboard & Reports - View & Download Reports of New Lead Creation, Geocoding, User Visit,Route Replay, Expense, Survey, Market Visit
  • Notification Management - Allows Instant Notification of Scheme Information, Discount Informationor Instructions in formats like Text, Image, PDF file and more.
  • Geo Tagging - Capture live location of the RetailOutlet or Distributor or Agent.