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System Integrator (SI) to Design, Commission, Operate, Maintain & Manage PDS Solutions

Public Distribution System is a large operational retail network in Tamil Nadu, operating with 35,000 Fair Price Shops to optimally distribute food grains and other essential commodities to the intended beneficiary at a subsidized price.

The main challenges to the Government in the existing system were PDS leakages, lack of convenient and practical monitoring system at FPS, no system transparency and accountability and no proper grievance Redressal mechanism. With e-Governance, PDS believed in streamlining the entire process of food distribution without any loss in the value chain. The objective of PDS Solution is to achieve a transparent and foolproof system that works in alignment with the Citizen, TNCSCP, FPS & GoTN etc., and ensure hassle free commodity transaction within the system.

OASYS bagged the prestigious TNePDS project and started the development of an end-to-end comprehensive solution for TN CS & CP to be housed on a cloud model. We faced major challenges which pushed our potential and in a quick span of time, we rolled out pilot implementation. Following its success, we made the state-wide roll out; deployed POS in across 35,000 FPS in Tamil Nadu. We are recognized for being the first in the country to achieve an end to end computerization of PDS in a very short span of time. We are now engaged in the distribution of secured QR code based Family cards known as SMART CARDS for the 2 core beneficiaries. PDS is now a citizen friendly, transparent service in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of POS Devices for Automation of Fair Price Shops (FPS) across Maharashtra

Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer protection department of Maharastra have been proactively engaged in making the system more efficient to ensures that essential commodities reach the actual beneficiaries of PDS commodities. To control the grants and utilization of the benefits more precisely, the department decided to enhance the food security and control malpractices through a robust and transparent targeted Public Distribution System. Under the mission of Digital India, the department decided to equip FPS with advanced technology gadgets for computerized processing of the transaction and biometric authentication of the beneficiary with POS devices.

Being an established POS device manufacturer in India, OASYS was awarded to supply, install and commission the POS Devices in all areas of FPS operation in Maharastra. We developed a complete POS based application that meets the requirement of the state and deployed as directed by the department and tools provided by NIC. The integration between POS device and NIC Portal works successfully as required and we are currently involved in up-gradation, troubleshooting and support and services associated with POS devices across all FPS in Maharashtra. The multilingual POS device works seamless and records entire stock inventory at 0% error.

Our Human Resource department works in parallel to find out competent local resources who are capable to understand the entire functioning of POS and impart successful training to all FPS owners or the POS operators on the functioning and use of devices as well as troubleshooting basic errors. They conduct two tier training i.e; classroom level training at Taluks as well as Onsite training at the FPS and ensure their understanding of POS devices by monitoring their real time use of POS device for transactions.

OASYS also extends a multilingual and centralized Helpdesk support to address complaints and issues related to POS device functioning.

System Integrator for supply, Installation with application and maintenance of Point of Sale devices for FPS automation under ePDS Project

The Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs department of Himachal Pradesh has made rigorous effort towards end-to-end computerization of PDS and the state has decided to use Aadhar based biometric authentication model at FPS shops. With extensive experience in manufacturing POS devices, OASYS was chosen as the private partner to procure POS device, develop and customize the device application, integrate application with server (server side application being developed by the in house team of department of FCS&CA), deploy and maintain the FPS automation infrastructure.

Being the system integrator for FPS automation and with right approach towards the automation in a phased manner, we developed POS terminals make the systems automated, authentic, faster, and transparent and benefits the citizens and the state.

System Integrator for Implementing Aadhaar Enabled Public Distribution System in Telangana State

OASYS bagged Telengana Government’s end-to-end Fair Price automation project which ensure PDS benefits are delivered to intended beneficiaries and improves transparency and accountability in operations. The Aadhar enabled PDS helps to weed out fake/duplicate beneficiary and streamline the FPS transactions.

We as the proud system integrator for this prestigious project and with our past experience as an added advantage, we fully automated the PDS operations meeting the following requirements:

  • Procured and installed e-POS devices at all FPS with all necessary equipments to transact.
  • Developed a custom POS application that integrates the application with the central server.
  • Trained all FPS personnel on device handling and provided helpdesk support for FPS and for beneficiaries.
  • With the newly implemented end-to-end automation, the department can generate real-time MIS reports at any given instance of time.

The overall system optimizes the utilization of commodities and prevents diversion of essential commodities. With its ability to record real-time FPS transactions, future planning and analysis becomes easier.

Supply of Point of Sale (POS) Machines

In Uttar Pradesh, OASYS got elected for POS machine supply to digitize FPS and carry out all transactions online. Accordingly, all POS devices get integrated with the central server.

With our versatile experience in POS device installation, we bagged the prestigious project of Uttar Pradesh Government to supply and install POS devices, development and customization of application, maintenance of POS devices, training, helpdesk support, Project Management Unit (PMU), divisional level technical support, MIS etc. The inclusion of POS at FPS is believed to enhance the accuracy of the system and make it transparent and authentic.

As per the requirement, we developed the POS application that fetches the beneficiary data from central server for distribution of ration with the help of Aadhar/EPIC Number. The integration is successful and works satisfactory with both online and offline transaction update to the central server.