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End-to-end Digitization in just 30 Days.

OASYS Cybernetics is one of the leading healthtech companies in India with products and solutions to digitize all aspects of your hospital operation such as financial, medical, legal, and administrative and compliance at an instant speed.

What we are trying to solve for the industry

  • Secured & Easy access of data from anywhere
  • Digitizing workflows, clinical and non clinical data exchanges
  • Enable automation with Artificial Intelligence
  • Improving Interoperability, achieving a holistic patient view

Salient Features we offer

  • Robust Application to manage all entities of a hospital at ease
  • Available to deploy on Public/Private Cloud or as an On-Premise Model
  • Entire Application is Light weight, Responsive
  • Touch Driven EMR with minimal use of keyboard by clinicians
  • SSL encryption, role based access, audit trail for enhanced security
  • Browser agnostic and Device agnostic application
  • Compliant with Healthcare standards – HL7, ASTM, SNOMED, ICD, CPT, RxNorm, LOINC
  • Mobile Apps for Patients & Doctors

Our Services

Government Healthcare Solutions

Helping Government Hospitals to digitize their operations and scale up to offer quality healthcare to the citizens by reducing cost, improving efficiency and improving accuracy.

NexGen Healthcare Interoperability

Streamline management of patient records, enable data-driven decisions with the help of analytics insight, colloborate better with comprehensive healthcare integration,centralize all department activities under one hub, enhance clinical document exchange, improve quality of care.

"In the healthcare industry, there is a raising pressure to reduce costs while increasing the quality of care across the globe. Efficient and secure communication of PHI and medical records is becoming a basic requirement for any healthcare institutions to achieve the goal."

We at OASYS show you the right approach that address your challenges and streamline your core activities with advanced technologies.