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The fertilizers division implements the government’s Direct Benefit Transfer scheme to manage the fertilizer distribution wherever needed. The major focus fertilizers of the project are Urea, DAP and NPK. The fertilizer companies receive subsidies from the government in order to distribute fertilizers. The process of digitalization is very transparent where the fertilizer company is identified as a lead fertilizer supplier in every state, the criteria being based on previous sales records. After the identification of the lead fertilizer, the Point of Sales device is installed and commissioned by the retailers through the fertilizer companies. The POS device works on an Android platform where the software application and server requirements are managed and developed by NIC.

OASYS has commissioned over 40000 POS devices across 19 states. The training is provided based on the following aspects

  • Machine operations
  • Updates
  • Logins
  • Aadhaar screening
  • Printing of bills